The World’s Largest Plant-Based Sports Bar Opens in Boston!


Sports fans, this one’s for you! The famous restaurant in Massachusetts, PlantPub develops its brand and opens a vegan sports bar! The location will be in Boston, Massachusetts, and will open later this spring. It will open as a collaboration between celebrity chef Matthew Kenney and co-owners of PlantPub.

the new location will be 8,000 square feet in size and will have over 250 seats, making it the largest vegan sports bar in the world. It will be located directly across from Fenway Park baseball stadium and will attract many people after the game looking for a delicious plant-based meal and craft beer!

Contributor Matthew Kenney said the globe“, I loved what they were doing – the product, the brand…it just seemed like a perfect fit. Fenway is ground zero in Boston, and we couldn’t think of a better location to show the fact that the plant-based cooking can be truly appetizing, fulfilling and satisfying.

The first PlantPub restaurant opened last fall in Cambridge, Massachusetts to great success. Co-founders Pat McAuley and Mary Dumont have centered their menu on appealing to plant-based sports enthusiasts. They offer tasty burgers, wings, loaded nachos, pepperoni pizzas and fried chicken sandwiches, all made without any animal products! The bar also offers many craft beers and cocktails.

Source: Chronicle 5 WCVB/Youtube

The new location will offer everything the Cambridge location does, but with an expanded vegan dessert menu, including sundaes, Frappes and ice cream sandwiches.

PlantPub opened with a mission to “make plant-based food accessible and fun for everyone, enabling people to eat better for themselves and better for the planet in a familiar and social setting, the pub”.

In the state of the world and with climate change more prevalent than ever, the pub is trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible for customers. “With a focus on supporting the most sustainable local farmers, craft brewers and the best plant-based brands on the market, we are redefining the pub.”

We can’t wait to see the success of this restaurant and applaud them for expanding the vegan diet and showing that plant-based foods can be just as good!

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