New York Man to Open Sports Bar / Restaurant at Old Friendly’s in Schuylkill County | Business

POTTSVILLE – The former Friendly’s restaurant, closed for over a year, has been sold and will become the site of a sports bar / restaurant.

“It’s a casual sports bar type restaurant,” said Eric Seitzinger, real estate agent at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Schuylkill Haven on Tuesday.

Although Seitzinger declined to specifically identify the buyer, he did provide certain information.

“He’s a New York buyer who operates restaurants,” he said. “It’s not a national channel. It is a developing regional channel.

The deed indicates that Revere Restaurant Group Inc. has sold the 0.196 acre property in the Eastern Township of Norway. to 1 Schuylkill County LLC for $ 610,000 on August 26. The act was recorded four days later.

Although the property is near the Fairlane Village mall, it is not officially part of it, a spokesperson for the mall said on Tuesday. She confirmed the property is where Friendly’s was located, but said the mall didn’t know what would become of it.

“We are curious ourselves” as to what will become of this, she said.

Seitzinger said the owner hasn’t set an opening date, but doesn’t believe it will be in the immediate future. He said the price paid by the owner indicated his seriousness in opening the restaurant.

“It won’t start to be developed until next year,” Seitzinger said.

Robert S. Carl Jr., president and CEO of the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce, said Tuesday that such an endeavor can be of benefit to the county and the chamber.

“We always welcome newcomers with diverse approaches,” he said. “Some areas … have more sports bar options.”

Carl lamented the loss of the Maroons sports bar in Pottsville, which honored the legacy of the former NFL team who were denied the 1925 championship in a still controversial decision. However, he noted that the city’s Crimson House restaurant is considering opening a similar facility.

Carl said the county has a solid base of sports fans, especially high school, college and professional football.

“There is a rich sporting history,” he said.

Friendly’s spokesperson Avery Barzizza said the Pottsville restaurant opened around 2008, closed in March 2020 and has never reopened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the building is still standing. The sign on the door still says the restaurant will be closed indefinitely due to the pandemic and related restrictions on businesses.

A sign on the window still indicates the opening hours of the old Friendly’s.

The sale has already benefited the township and school district in the Saint Clair region, each receiving $ 3,050 in land transfer taxes.

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