Bar workers return to Pattaya “restaurants”

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Two backcountry women stroll down onto the beach at Soi 6.

Although bars are technically not opened in Pattaya Bar workers return regularly, and have found employment in new bars that serve alcohol.


From brothels located on Soi 6 to the 800 nightclub on Walking Street to indoor, air-conditioned go-go bars located in central Pattaya The bars are now open and displaying easy-to-obtain restaurants licenses as well as SHA stickers to conduct business. They are referred to as “restaurants”. . “

This is great news for women who earned an income from in snarking at older men for tips and drinks.

One person, identified as Araya was spotted returning from Udon Thani, where she was relaxing, not working, and earning a living from foreign sponsors. Then she’s returning to Pattaya searching for more foreign men who can help support her.

Workers such as Araya could find their luck restricted, since Pattaya remains at least percent expatriate and has a small number of tourists. With Thailand having a decision to end its Pattaya Sandbox and the Test & Go entry program, the amount of tourists visiting Pattaya is likely to decrease once more.



Taxis may soon offer some bargains coming from north.


Local gathering spaces have begun to be filled with expatriates who have been denied access to water for over eight months because of the Covid-19.

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