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Photo: Ignite Entertainment

The In Between tavern is reopening downtown.

A beloved Cincinnati sports bar is reopening, thanks to Ignite Entertainment.

The team behind local establishments such as The View at Shires’ Garden, Che, The Birdcage and many more are resurrecting downtown’s In Between Tavern, located across from Great American Ball Park.

Originally open from 1969 to 2016, In Between Tavern was sold and turned into a bistro for several years, before that operation closed in 2021 and Ignite took over.

“Bringing an iconic destination like In Between back to life is a dream,” Ignite Entertainment’s Juan Imeroni said in a statement. “It’s everything I love about this city, in an incredible location, and we will serve the home team and visitors, as they have done here before, for over fifty years.”

Click to enlarge The In Between Tavern is located across from the Great American Ball Park.  - PHOTO: IGNITE ENTERTAINMENT

Photo: Ignite Entertainment

The In Between Tavern is located across from the Great American Ball Park.

The 4,500 square foot bar has been modernized and features a large patio, as well as a garage door to create indoor/outdoor space. Ignite also added an online menu with the sports line of the bar.

The In Between Tavern will serve what they call “Cincinnati-style dogs” and “Ball Park-style dogs”, sourced from local butchers including Avril-Bleh, Wassler’s and Redden’s. Other dishes include smashburgers — with single, double, triple or “home run” (aka four) patties — as well as sandwiches, salads, wraps and empanadas from sister restaurant Che.

“We’ve made some improvements and made some adjustments, but otherwise we wanted to preserve all of the sports history of Cincinnati that was here before, add to it and make it a place where people can enjoy what’s on the walls and tables around them just as much as they enjoy food and drink,” Imeroni said.

The In Between Tavern is located at 307 Sycamore Street downtown. It is scheduled to open July 11 and plans to serve lunch and dinner seven days a week. More information:

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