Ojos Locos, proposed sports bar in Downey, faces strong opposition from parents, some city officials


DOWNEY, Calif. (KABC) — Ojos Locos, a new restaurant chain with scantily clad waitresses, is set to open in Downey, but protesters and some city officials are reluctant.

Angelica Hernandez is leading the fight to stop the Texas-based chain from opening in Downey.

“Not here, it can’t be allowed,” Hernandez said.

The owners of Ojos Locos say their establishments are sports bars that cater to a Latino clientele. They have locations in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Downey’s location would be the chain’s first in California.

It’s the way the waitresses are dressed — and the location of the proposed sports bar — that worries some residents.

Images from the Facebook account of the Ojos Locos location in Dallas show waitresses in revealing outfits.

The sports bar would be located in a former Denny’s restaurant near Downey High School and a performing arts center. Hernandez says Ojos Locos doesn’t belong here.

“We have to protect our children,” Hernandez said. “High school is only a block away. Our condominiums and seniors’ retirement homes are right across the train tracks, so right by their back door.”

Yetlaneci Sanchez is a resident of Downey and owns a flower shop in town.

“This is definitely not where I want my daughter to be exposed to going home with her friends,” Sanchez said. “It’s not something I’m going to support.”

Last month, the Town of Downey’s planning commission approved the restaurant’s entry permit. The city council is looking for ways to regulate how waiters and waitresses must dress across the city.

Eyewitness News contacted the restaurant’s ownership in Dallas but did not hear back.

Writing in the local newspaper, The Downey Patriot, a spokesperson for the company said, “Ojos Locos is proud to support each individual community we serve, and we work collaboratively with members of each community to meet the requirements and preferences. local.

If the location of the new restaurant was in an industrial area of ​​town, people say there would be no complaints.

Residents will be asked to sign a petition before the city council to prevent the restaurant from opening.

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