Wildwood Sports Bar in Rochester, MN offering free beer to teachers


Teachers deserve a lot of thanks, especially for what they have had to endure over the past few years trying to navigate the pandemic and other historic moments happening around the world. One way to thank a teacher in the Rochester, MN area is to participate in a promotion hosted by the Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill in Rochester and Byron.

If I remember correctly, I always gave my teacher a gift at the end of the year. I think it was usually some sort of coffee gift card or maybe a Visa gift card, I can’t quite remember. Although the teachers really appreciate these gifts, I think they would also greatly appreciate a free drink at the end of this school year.

A group of young men clinking glasses with a beer in the sunny pub.


In Wildwood, Rochester and Byron they run a promotion called “Buy a Teacher a Beer”. It’s really easy. When dining at either Wildwood location, you can tell your server that you would like to buy a beer for a teacher. They’ll give you a ticket in the shape of a beer, you can leave a funny note if you want and that’s it! You can buy a beer from a professor throughout the month of May.

If you’re a teacher, all you have to do is walk into any of the Wildwood locations and show your school ID to get your free beer. ABC 6 says 100 “gifts” have been purchased as of Tuesday, May 10.

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The Best and Worst States for Teachers

It’s back to school !

Teachers and administrators across the country are once again welcoming students in person or virtually. It’s definitely going to be a tough year in person due to the COVID cases and the protocols that need to be in place to keep everyone safe.

Being a teacher is a huge responsibility. It can be very stressful, and sometimes it depends on the district where the teacher is employed. There are actually some states that are not very good for teachers.

Wallet Hub make a list of best and worst states for teachers. They look at things like job opportunities, competition, academics, and work environments.

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