Petoskey’s Sports Bar brings the Midwest to Seattle



Wood-fired pizzas and Kraken-inspired drinks in Fremont make for a great start to a play day.

SEATTLE – The address may say Seattle, but Petoskey’s Sports Bar owner Joel Radin wants his place to feel like Minnesota.

“I thought I could bring in some of that Midwestern attitude, some friendly Midwestern vibes. So it’s cold, nothing too tense “, said Radin.

Not only does the Fremont Bar bring a Midwestern vibe, it also offers some of the food from the region too, including the wood-fired pizza.

“The Great Mike Petoskey’s, which is kind of a standard combination, especially in the Midwest. It has pepperoni, Italian sausage with onions, black olives, mushrooms and green peppers,” Radin said.

Another house dish is their fish sandwich.

“Walleye is a classic Midwestern thing. This will be our classic breaded walleye fillet, lightly breaded, then pan-fried, with tomato lettuce and onions. “

Fancy a drink inspired by the Kraken? They have it too.

“Blue beer is or the best Coors Light with Kraken ink in it. It turns blue,” Radin said. “The other drink we make is called The abyss. “
“There is of course the Kraken rum. And then there is Malibu, almond flavor, pineapple and a boozy little car sow, and we top it with a maraschino cherry for the eye of the Kraken. “

So when it comes to hockey fixtures, Petoskey’s Sports Bar in Fremont is a great Midwest, “You betcha.”

Petoskey’s Sports Bar is located at 125 N 36th St. in Seattle.

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