Inside the Fleur Room, LA’s hottest new cocktail bar


Looking for a new cocktail bar? Well, maybe check your calendar first: A reservations-only bar just opened in West Hollywood, hoping to be a hotspot for celebrities and celebrity-adjacent (or maybe just the obsessed with celebrities).

La Fleur Room, located on Sunset Boulevard, is a moody space decorated with disco balls where you and your friends can grab a late-night drink, provided you plan ahead. The brainchild of Tao Group Hospitality, known for its clubby vibe, the new bar is run by Craig Schoettler, an Alinea alum who is now the group’s vice president of beverages in the Western region.

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The Cotton Cloud 9 - Credit: Ryan Forbes

The Cotton Cloud 9 – Credit: Ryan Forbes

Ryan Forbes

Schoettler’s menu focuses on whimsical creations that incorporate fresh juices, homemade syrups and infusions, and dramatic details, such as vapors and dry ice presentations. A few offerings from the opening menu include the Cotton Cloud 9 (vodka, St. Germain, fresh lime, grapefruit and cotton candy) and the English Olive Branch (gin infused with olive oil, fresh lemon, rosemary , eucalyptus, tonic and steam).

While many customers will likely show up for the drinks, it’s just as acceptable, maybe even more so, to show up for the ambiance. Tao Group’s in-house design team worked with Los Angeles-based interior designer Tara Bean to create a lavish disco-era vibe throughout the space. The walls are covered with a pleated blue fabric; the ceiling is mirrored; marble cocktail tables are surrounded by patterned velvet seats; and the fixtures are custom pink Venetian glass.

The English Olive Branch - Credit: Ryan Forbes

The English Olive Branch – Credit: Ryan Forbes

Ryan Forbes

Maximalist energy is most embodied in an extra-large “Love Handle” vase filled with fresh flowers by artist Anissa Kermiche. This remarkable piece is accompanied by original artwork by Kenny Scharf and Emma McMillan lining the walls.

Despite its soft opening, the Fleur Room is already cultivating its status as a hotspot for the rich and famous: private parties have been attended by Bella Hadid, Calvin Harris and Steph Curry, among others. Exclusivity is helped by the bar’s mandate that no photos or videos be taken inside the venue. What happens in the Flower Room stays in the Flower Room.

The bar is now open Thursday through Saturday, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. You can inquire about reservations through its website.

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The Room of Flowers

The Room of Flowers

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