Woman slammed for viral TikTok at Sydney bar: ‘Kissing randoms’

A woman has come under fire after a video emerged showing her planting lipstick marks on the backs of unsuspecting men during a drunken night out.

The incident happened at an Irish bar in Sydney over the weekend as revelers celebrated St Patrick’s Day.

The video, which appears to have been filmed by her friend, shows the young woman applying fresh lipstick before navigating the crowded dance floor kissing men in white shirts.

The plan, it seems, is to leave an obvious lipstick stain on the men’s clothes without them knowing, but the gesture has outraged many.

The young woman was kissing the backs of men wearing white shirts and leaving lipstick stains. Source: Tik Tok

While the ‘lipstick bandit’, as he is known online, and his friends obviously find the act hilarious, with the woman shown laughing as she moves around the room, others think it’s “disrespectful”.

Many have pointed out the problems this could cause for men in relationships who innocently enjoy a night out with friends.

The problem, they say, is that women’s lipstick on their clothes makes these men look like they’ve been unfaithful to their partner when that simply wasn’t the case.

And the worst part is that most seem completely oblivious to the kiss planted on their back, so explaining it could be tricky.

The “lipstick bandit” criticized on social networks

People who saw the clip on TikTok suggested that relationships could “get hurt” and the single act could “disrupt guys’ lives”.

“It’s terrible, she ruined a lot of relationships,” said one.

“Why would you deliberately ruin someone’s trust, destroy relationships and think it’s funny?” fumed another.

Others deemed it “rude behavior” insisting “it’s not funny” as the video continues to be shared on the platform.

While most seem concerned about the impact it could have on relationships, some have targeted the move for other reasons.

Woman holding broken lipstick in a bar (left) woman kissing a man's back (right)

The woman was seen applying lipstick just before kissing the backs of unsuspecting men. Source: Tik Tok

The act was considered ‘harassment’ by many who argued it was ‘never okay’ to touch someone ‘without their permission’.

“Why do people think it’s okay to touch people without their permission? we wondered.

“Guys kissing random girls on the back wouldn’t be okay. Neither would that,” said another.

“Ummm, she kisses him without his consent…and also ruins his shirt,” a third pointed out.

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