Vegan Junk Food Bar Opens Largest Restaurant Yet

The famous restaurant Vegan Junk Food Bar (VJFB) has announced the opening of its largest store to date due to “high demand and franchise requests”.

The chain first joined the growing number of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam when it launched in 2017. Thanks to its deliberately Instagram-friendly interiors, it quickly went viral and led to the opening of more branches in Amsterdam. .

This was followed by several restaurants across the Netherlands and it debuted in Spain in 2020.

Today, VJFB opened its doors in Cologne, Germany in an exciting new venue that can accommodate 222 guests.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

He says the restaurant’s interior “depicts a futuristic, cool, street art vibe with a revolutionary feel.”

The menu features vegan junk food classics such as “dirty” vegan burgers as well as a new dish Loaded Fries with Bratwurst.

But VJFB isn’t just about food, as diners can also immerse themselves in Cologne’s first-ever 2D optical illusion space inside the restaurant, “taking diners from reality to the world of reality.” ‘art and fantasy’.

The channel went viral in 2017, largely thanks to social media

“A Magical Experience”

In a statement sent to Vegan food and lifethe chain said: “VJFB Cologne ensures that customers get the best version of their herbal bites and drinks with a magical experience every time they visit.

“Every day of the week, customers can enjoy VJFB dishes tailored to their needs, whether it’s a business lunch, a family dinner or take-out. In the evening, VJFB Cologne turns into a disco atmosphere, with an option to dance while enjoying your favorite VJFBites and cocktails…

“Be sure to pop in for some ‘eye candy’ at the beautiful Gender Neutral Instaproof restroom area.”

VFJB says it recognizes that now more than ever, safety, hygiene and customer confidence in hospitality are essential.

Therefore, he says he has “established even greater discipline in how to meet those needs to ensure cleanliness, health and safety to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

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