UFC fighter vs kids attending gay bar drag show

Derek Brunson says he has “no problem with gay people,” but the UFC middleweight had a problem with kids attending a drag show at a gay nightclub over the weekend.

The event, held at Mr. Misster’s home in Dallas, was promoted as “Drag The Kids To Pride” and was meant to be a celebration of people being themselves to kick off Pride Month. pride. The nightclub encouraged parents to bring their children for a Saturday morning drag show.

online video showed drag queens taking dollar bills from children’s hands while dancing on a makeshift floor under a pink neon sign that read “IT’S NOT GONNA LICCK ITSELF.” Children also danced alongside drag queens as their parents watched.

The event sparked outrage among protesters outside the nightclub. Brunson, 38, expressed his disapproval of the event in a series of tweets highlighting the various aspects that bothered him. The 10-year UFC veteran called the event “(a) bit much” and “some BS”.

“There is nothing against the LGBTQ community. It’s more about protecting children,” Brunson tweeted. “Their minds are not mature enough for these types of behavior.”

Brunson’s negative feelings about the Pride Month event came the same day UFC flyweight Jeff Molina opened up about the backlash he received for wearing the Venum kit in the colors of the UFC rainbow to celebrate Pride Month after winning UFC Fight Night 207 in Las Vegas.

You can read Brunson’s tweets below:

It’s a bit much. Children at a provocative drag show… Can we protect our children any more in today’s society. Kids don’t need to be in strip clubs or a provocative money-throwing show. SMFH 🤢 *read the message on the board in the background “…

“It’s not going to lick” sign, throwing dollars, twerking in splits right in front of the kids. Search for the event to learn more. And there’s nothing against the LGBTQ community. It’s more about protecting children, their minds are not mature enough for this kind of behavior 👌🏾

It would be the same response from me if pictures of kids in a strip club were circulating on the internet. For your information, I am not God, I have no problem with homosexuals. They are some of the coolest people. But it’s BS

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