This NYC Speakeasy themed bar and lounge is tucked away downtown


Serafinathe group of Italian restaurants with familiar yellow awnings and multiple locations in New York City and beyond, has quietly begun operating its latest, Serafina in the sky, earlier this year. Wednesday, On February 16, it will officially open the space speakeasy themed annex of the show, unpublished. The new spot is a collaboration between Serafina and a hospitality professional Karim Amatullah.

“Almost every project I’ve been involved in has been a little hard to find,” Amatullah said in a statement. “They’ve all been outstanding and hard to get into, but the glamour, energy and attitude lifts a lot of strings and opens a lot of doors. UnPublished is no different.

UnPublished is beyond a velvet curtain inside Serafina in the Sky, which is on the lobby level of the Hotel Pod at 400 West 42nd Street, like the nesting dolls of nightlife through Times Square. It shares its menus with Serafina in the Sky, which serves crostini, charcuterie, and guacamole Italiano to start, as well as salads, pizza, pasta, and general-interest dishes. Beer, wine and cocktails are also available.

Non published is bragging a disco ball, chandeliers and velvet candlelit banquettes inside, and a terrace with a retractable roof outside. It can accommodate 100 guests, provided they know the path. No, not through the curtain, the nebulous way.

Photograph: Courtesy of Alex Ancheta

To make reservations, customers must obtain and call a phantom number, private from the few,” a press release reads in part. “Less connected customers can try their luck at the door.”

But they still have to do business, don’t they? This Italian guac isn’t going to pick itself up. We asked for advice to enter.

UnPublished will not be on any platform,” the reps said via email. “You can dine at Serafina in the Sky and try to get information from your server, but we can’t promise anything.”

Unpublished opens on Wednesday February 16 at 400 West 42nd Street. It will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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