There’s a hidden bar in a Texas grocery store and behind a secret fridge door

People have always loved a good speakeasy, and even today they still quietly pop up in all sorts of places across the Lone Star State, although alcohol is no longer banned.

One of the latest to open is a Texas grocery store, Bodega, in Fort Worth, TX. This isn’t the first unique speakeasy we’ve seen recently, however, there is one nearby in an “out of order” laundromat.

The favorite haunts of nightlife lovers are becoming increasingly secretive, with owners innovating in their methods of opening top-secret establishments.

Bodega from the outside looks like a well-stocked convenience store where customers can stop during or after a fun night out on West 7th, where you can order a late-night sandwich or grab some nibbles.

However, behind one of the refrigerator doors is an access point to a full-service bar and nightclub that hosts loud parties.

There is a stage for local DJs to host theme parties or for DFW music bands to perform. The expansive dance floor is one of the club’s most popular attractions.

Every few days, the speakeasy also hosts events offering discounted shots and drinks.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back speakeasy experience, there’s plush leather seating all around the room. You can also play billiards and shuffleboard at the various tables around the speakeasy.

It’s not just about dancing and showing up until you can’t anymore; from time to time the bar hosts sports nights, open mic opportunities and comedy nights.

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