The outdoor seating plan of the bar discussed at the Stewards meeting

Two Ramsey businesses are seeking approval for outdoor seating areas.

Fynoderee Distillery wants to create a landscaped space for up to 80 customers on land south of the Manx Electric Railway stop, Parsonage Road.

Seven objections were lodged by local residents, expressing concern over noise and safety issues around patrons crossing the road between the bar and the outdoor space.

The issue was discussed at length by Commissioners Ramsey, with Chairman Alby Oldham commenting: ‘When we first approved this it was a tasting bar. Now it has become a full-fledged nightclub.

Lamara Craine drew attention to the fact that the site, which is owned by the Ministry of Infrastructure, had already been cleared of overgrowth and bushes, as if ready for beer garden.

Members ultimately decided to make ‘no comment’ on the application as they felt the government planning committee was the appropriate body to look at noise and safety issues.

The owner of a new cafe, Studio Umami, in Bourne Place has been given permission to place a billboard and cafe furniture next to the premises. Members supported the claimant’s desire to provide customers with “an outdoor dining experience”.

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