The Manor Bar’s new bookish menu debuts in Montecito

SMOKE SHOW: The Manor Bar’s new literary cocktails include this sage-smoked Fahrenheit 451. | Credit: Courtesy

Talk about a hot new cocktail menu — one of the highlights of the clubby Manor Bar at Rosewood Miramar Beach is literally smoking. And maybe I should have said “literally,” because this inventive and inspirational list is entirely based on literary works.

This hot cocktail is Fahrenheit 451, which arrives at your table in a kind of smoke-filled lantern – you can reach in and out of your glass the old-fashioned way. The smoke, dehydrated white sage, evokes the rolling hills and Bradbury’s novel about a dystopian future where firefighters burn books (hey, that could never happen). In some ways, the cocktail is a version of a paper airplane, but this scorching cocktail gives you so much more than Buffalo Trace bourbon, Amaro Nonino Quintessentia, and the richness of a lemon-orange oleo saccharum. .

Other highlights include The Monk – a delicious deep dive into geeky mixology with green and yellow chartreuse (there are your monks!), 10-year-old Laphroaig peated whiskey, maraschino liqueur and some bitters à la peach to complement even more – and The Crossing, a margarita amped up with mezcal and tequila, an extra zip of Ancho Reyes Verde, lime and mole bitters. Plus the most delicate of the edges of a tangy mixture of dehydrated and pulverized Hatch chili, lime zest and salt. All the details of these drinks are spot on.

The dress code is sophisticated, as are the tasty little plates like hummus with baby radishes and their vegetables for dipping. Around 7:30 p.m., the live music starts on the weekends — think bossa nova trios whose singer may play a muted trombone solo to Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love” — but the acoustics make for conversations always easy. Every evening there is a view of the ocean from the cozy library-like living room. It’s not a cheap night – each drink is $24 – but it’s thrilling.

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