The Green Room Sheffield: a popular bar relaunched after its refurbishment, with a brand new menu including cocktails


The Green Room bar on Devonshire Street, Sheffield, relaunched on Thursday September 15 after a refurbishment.

Despite changes to the bar, the Green Room never closed permanently and continued to open for weekly events such as open mic nights which have been a regular occurrence at the venue for the past seven years.

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Green room bar.

Now it has reopened full time and is ready to serve customers again with an exciting new menu and a whole new look for the place.

General manager Caitlin Thornton said: “We went in and gave the place a paint job, a bit of a spruce up. We tried to keep all the good things about it while bringing it a bit more in the 21st century.

“We kind of kept popping up on Saturdays and such because we have regular nights, like the open mic night that’s been going on for seven years — so even when we were doing the renovation, we kept all of that going.”

The renovation brought a modern twist to the already popular venue, and it also brought more entertainment to the bar, such as a pool table and arcade area.

Green room bar.

“We’ve now installed a pool table, we’ve installed arcade cabinets and I’m also going to be opening a second bar next week. We’ve also painted the place,” Caitlin said.

“He still has a lot of the same qualities as before, just a new color look.”

With the reopening, the Green Room has also launched some changes to its menu, with a few moves to house beers and the introduction of cocktails at the bar.

“We changed the drafts,” Caitlin said. “So we don’t do Carlings anymore, we have our own house pilsner and our house keg, and now we have cocktails on the menu. Some spirits change slowly too – a lot more interesting things have just happened.

Green room bar.

The Green Room bar is on Devonshire Street in Sheffield city centre.

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