That Sports Bar and The Station bring professional wrestling to Lebanon

June 17—Danielle Hoffman, owner of That Sports Bar, and Sarah Burns, owner of The Station, will bring professional wrestling to Lebanon, and it’s for a good cause.

All money earned from the event will go to a local family in need. Burns is working with Pastor Amber Rust of Freedom Church Outreach to help identify this family.

After seeing someone walking around Walmart in a Macho Man Randy Savage shirt, Hoffman got the idea to bring an event like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to town.

“I saw that, and I was like, I gotta bring wrestling to this town,” Hoffman said. “Of course I wanted it to be family friendly and to do something to help someone.”

From 4-8 p.m. on July 30, wrestlers from the Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws (WCWO), Indiana’s oldest independent wrestling promotion. The struggle will be real. The WCWO will set up a ring at Lebanon Memorial Park and bleachers will also be set up for the show. The event will also include food, face paint and more.

Burns and Hoffman said they are working with the Freedom Church in Lebanon to make sure whoever gets the money actually needs it. They will also work with them to spend it wisely and not just write a check.

“We wanted to put on a really cool event and also be able to help somebody out,” Hoffman said.

More information about the Boone County Beat Down can be found on That Sports Bar‘s Facebook page @thatsportsbar and The Stations’ Facebook page @BooneStation.

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