Survivor Alleges Malpractice by Dileep Lawyers and Approaches the Bar | Malayalam Cinema News

The survivor of the actress’ 2017 sexual assault incident has contacted the Kerala Bar Association to seek action against the lawyers of actor Dileep, the eighth defendant in the case, alleging they were interfering “with unprofessional and unethical manner” in the lawsuit. In her plea, the actress alleged that Dileep’s lawyers and the lawyers assisting them in the case had committed “illegal and unethical acts”.

Naming the lawyers, the actress said they were “unprofessionally and unethically interfering with this case, from the very beginning of the trial which began on January 30, 2020.”

Listing various examples of illegal and unethical acts by Dileep’s lawyers, the actress alleged that they forced around 20 prosecution witnesses to turn hostile.

“As icons of justice and truth, lawyers who defend the defendants are also obligated to help uncover the truth,” the actress said, adding that the actions of Dileep’s lawyers were “shocking and unforgivable”.

She called on the Kerala Bar Association to conduct an impartial and truthful investigation and take appropriate action to bring about justice.

The actress-victim, who has worked in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films, was abducted and allegedly sexually assaulted in her car for two hours by people who forced their way into the vehicle in the night of February 17, 2017 and then escaped to an occupied area. The whole act was filmed by these people to blackmail the actress.

There are 10 defendants in the 2017 case and police arrested seven. Dileep was later arrested and released on bail.

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