Sunday Funday Moment: El Paso has its very first Dueling Piano Bar, “Elton’s Dueling Piano Bar”


El Paso, Texas – Two El Paso men are trying to bring El Paso’s Union Plaza back to life with a concert hall that’s the first of its kind in El Paso; A dueling piano bar.

If you’ve traveled to Las Vegas, Dallas, or even Houston, you might be familiar with the concept of a dueling piano bar.

“A dueling piano bar is a demand-driven entertainment venue where musicians can play any kind of genre, from rock to disco to rap to country, no matter what they are playing,” said Michael Sarabia, one of the managing business partners for Elton’s Dueling Piano Bar. “And there’s two pianists, there’s a drummer, it’s a complete band experience and it’s just a party.”

If you’ve never experienced a bar like this before, you’re in luck, as Michael and his managing partner, Alex Diaz, hope to offer locals something the town has never had before.

“The reason why my business partner and I wanted to open this kind of concert hall is that there is nothing like it in this region,” Sarabia said. “El pasoans deserves to have a dueling piano bar.”

Running a bar is something different for Sarabia, who is also managing partner of RevIVe, a mobile medical ambulance.

“That’s what I’ve done all my life. I’m a nurse, I’m a paramedic and I wanted something other than medicine because medicine is a very serious and tedious profession, but it’s different,” Sarabia said.

The new bar is located in what was once a local nightlife hotspot, El Paso’s Union Plaza. Sarabia and her partner hope this new bar will bring people back to the area.

“We fly in national acts every week. They come from all over the country,” Sarabia said. “Guests can expect lots of fun, entertainment, music and just a great environment.”

Guests can request songs performed by professional pianists who also entertain the crowd with playful entertainment and humor.

The new concert hall is a way to bring more jobs to the area and it’s also a way to help locals get out of their comfort zone to enjoy music like they’ve never experienced before. .

“What we want people to have is an experience where they feel like they’re part of a show and where they can sing along and have a good time with their friends and family,” Sarabia said.

Elton’s Dueling Piano Bar is for guests 21 and over and is only open Thursday through Saturday. It is located at 105 Durango St. Suite A. For more details on Elton’s Dueling Piano Bar, click here.

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