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This weekend, I tried a place called Spanky’s Sports Bar & Grill, located at 485 S. Jefferson St. in Waterford. They are best known for their amazing pizza. It was even voted second best in Racine County after Wells Brothers pizza.

The owners who operate Spanky’s Sports Bar & Grill are Matt and Karen Allen. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt to talk about the history of Spanky’s and what inspired them to open a sports bar and grill.


Matt mentioned that he is originally from Ohio. They had a family pizza recipe for many years and they always made pizza for their friends and family. They even used to put out pizza on Halloween. Matt worked in marketing for many years and five years ago he and Karen took the plunge to open their own business. Matt worked in Franklin and they both fell in love with the Waterford community and have been in Wisconsin for twenty-two years now.

Matt told me that Spanky’s opened in December 2017. The owner said he often gives free meals to veterans on many holidays because Matt loves to support all veterans since he’s a veteran himself. of the navy.

Inside is a nice bar with pub tables and chairs around the outside of the bar. It was very clean inside and a very welcoming place to come in and have a good time.

Inside barX

They also have an outdoor patio with tables and a bar. They host live bands that will also be playing this month.

Dominique on the terraceX

Matt said their sausage, pepperoni and cheese pizzas are all local. They make all their fresh dough every morning and they also make their own sauce. They have very high standards for the quality of their food. They also have a Friday night fish fry and some of their other popular dishes include: hot honey ham sandwich, pulled pork and duck bacon sandwich and sweet corn wontons.

For my two entrees, I tried the duck bacon and sweet corn wontons and their garlic and cheese bread. Duck Bacon and Sweet Corn Wontons include duck bacon, charred sweet corn, and cream cheese stuffed inside the wontons.

Duck bacon wontonsX

The duck bacon wontons had a very soft texture inside the wonton and the corn and cream cheese blended so well together. It was an absolutely amazing appetizer.

Cheese breadX

I would say the garlic and cheese bread I tried was chewy and just the perfect amount of cheese. You could tell it was freshly made too. I dipped the garlic bread in the marinara sauce and it was crispy to perfection.

For my main course, I was able to try the Luisa pizza which is a pizza without sauce. Instead of tomato sauce, it comes with olive oil. It also includes toppings such as sausage, spinach, tomato, artichoke hearts, ricotta, mozzarella, and provolone cheese.

Luisa pizzaX

The artichokes were slightly crunchy. The ricotta cheese that was on the Luisa pizza had a very creamy texture. All of the tomatoes I ate on the pizza had a sweeter flavor and tasted straight out of the garden. The doyen of the kitchen loves his cheese – and why not? — because we’re in a state super famous for cheese. These blends of different types of cheeses and flavors went so well together. The mix of colors and flavors made my day. Their pizza has a cracker crust which I love. I ate most of the pizza myself.

eat pizzaX

When I finished my pizza, I saved some leftovers for the next day and couldn’t stop thinking about this pizza after eating it.

I also tried their cheese and sausage pizza with their homemade sauce on it.

Cheese and sausage pizzaX

My family likes to say that we have pizza sauce running through our veins because we always eat pizza and Spanky’s pizza was one of the best I’ve ever tried. This is a real hidden gem if you are a pizza lover. Their other dishes I tried were also great so I know they really know what they are doing at Spanky.

The owner said he was going to build a new location, twice the size of the current one next April. It’s about two miles from their current location that they have now.

If you live in Waterford, or anywhere in the state of Wisconsin, and want to try some of the best pizza you’ll ever taste, I highly recommend checking out Spanky’s. The owner Matt is super positive and they will make sure you are taken care of when you are in the restaurant. Our waitress Anita was also great and I loved her positive energy. This place is a must and is now on my short list of the best pizza around.

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