Southside restaurant in Bay Shore reopens as Goldy’s Gems


In June, the bartenders at the Southside Bar and Restaurant served their last drinks.

Now the landmark of 5 Third Avenue in Bay Shore is a music-driven bar concept under a new name: Goldy’s Gems.

Lessing’s Hospitality Group has given the full scoop on its new spot, which opens on December 17th.

“One night at Goldy’s is what you make of it,” said Michael Lessing Jr., Lessing’s Hospitality Group. “We wanted to create an intimate yet accessible space that focuses on consistently great music and a general feeling of connection. “

The Lessings opt for a “timeless” atmosphere in their bar, which offers comfortable leather sofas, cocktails, boilermakers and a golden disco ball that makes the interior space shine.

With dozens of beers on tap and house cocktails being the main draw, the team at Lessing is hoping Goldy’s becomes a hangout for friends.

Resident DJ James McGaley will bring a wide range of music to his party lists, good for people of all tastes, and for getting people moving.

The building also serves as a pickup and drop-off location for Lucky Clucker, Lessing’s Hospitality Group’s popular ghost kitchen.

Goldy’s Gems customers will also have self-service access to the entire Lucky Clucker menu, without the need to have it delivered elsewhere.

Check out the website and menu here.

Scroll down for a preview of Goldy’s Gems, opening December 17 at 4 p.m. at Bay Shore.

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Above: a disco ball that shines throughout Goldy’s Gems. All photos are courtesy of Lessing’s Hospitality.

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