Southside Bar in Bay Shore becomes Goldy’s Gems Cocktail Bar


In keeping with the times, Bay Shore’s oldest bar has undergone a makeover that involves wormwood sparkles, ghost cuisine serving fried chicken sandwiches and a sparkling disco ball.

Goldy’s Gems debuted on December 17 inside the remnants of the Southside Bar, which has functioned as a waterhole since the 1930s and was purchased by current owner Lessing’s Hospitality Group in 2013. Loosely finished the facade Tudor and the wooded interior of the pub, and in their place is a slate gray exterior aware and, inside, a lounge of low leather armchairs and sofas, a DJ booth and a faux painted bookcase. the woodwork.

The original bar with mirror, moved from Brooklyn to the Bay Shore in 1933 at the end of Prohibition, is still in place, as are the beamed ceilings and an overall good-natured vibe.

The focus is on $ 14 cocktails crafted by bartending consultant Thomas Crawford and Goldy’s CEO Corinne Koubek. They fall into three camps: the classics (negroni, old fashioned, a martini made with both vodka and gin), modern riffs (a G&T sour made with cordial tonic, green tea, black pepper , meringue and lemon, or rum with sherry and sparkling wine) and boilermakers who pair various beers and shots (think Miller High Life with rye and Benedictine). The 10 taps are dominated by local beers, plus a few more by the bottle and can, and a handful of wines by the glass.

Deep in the space, a vaguely camouflaged booth is the home of house DJ James McGaley and a rotating cast of guest artists; a schedule is coming up, said Lessings marketing director Jennifer Cantin.

Lest it seem like alcohol is the only thing on the menu, customers can scan a QR code to view the menu for Lucky Clucker, Lessings’ ghost kitchen focused on fried chicken sandwiches and which has opened its doors. doors in 2020. The crispy chicken sandwiches – some glazed with hot sauce, others topped with mayonnaise, all on brioche buns – can be ordered at the bar or picked up from a window on the side of the building.

Southside began life as the Southside Hotel in 1930. Among the list of long-time owners was Carl Wolff, responsible for transporting the bar to the Bay Shore at the end of Prohibition; he died in 1964. Formerly known as Schiller’s, Goldy’s Gems retains a historic taproot: Cantin said the name, along with its swirling logo, was based on an old photo found in the basement of a softball team wearing T-shirts printed with… well, Goldy’s Gems.

“The story is that there was a jewelry store in Bay Shore called Goldberg’s, but we couldn’t find it in the Bay Shore story,” Cantin wrote in an email.

Soon, the bar will inaugurate a weekend brunch of chicken and waffles and “bottomless” mimosas. For now, it opens at 4 pm on weekdays and at noon on weekends, staying open until “late”.

Goldy’s Gems, 5 Third Ave., Bay Shore, 631-665-9596.

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