Social media reacts after DeSantis files complaint against Miami drag bar


Florida vs Miami drag bar

The administration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday filed a state complaint against Miami’s R House that the Wynwood bar’s weekend drag show brunches expose minors to “shows of sexually explicit dragsters”. R House has 21 days to respond. He could lose his liquor license if found to be in violation of local laws and codes.

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Miami’s festive drag restaurant, R House, is caught in the crossfire. The popular Wynwood destination, where patrons hit mimosas while watching lavishly dressed performers in high heels gallop through the space, is the target of a lawsuit filed by the administration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The state alleges drag shows expose minors to sexually explicit behavior and could embolden pedophiles.

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Drag Queen Kat Wilderness performs for guests during a Drag Brunch at R House Wynwood in Miami, Fla. on Saturday, April 9, 2022. Daniel A. Varela [email protected]

The complaint attempts to compare drag shows to strip club performances, arguing that the establishment should have its license revoked and be declared a nuisance.

Earlier this month, TikTok user @nononoie shared a video of an as-yet-unidentified drag queen in a bikini, with bills tucked into the thong, leading a little girl in a tiara past diners. Text on the screen read, “Kids Belong in Drag Shows! Children deserve to see fun, expression and freedom.

The clip quickly went viral after a conservative pundit Lauren Chen retweeted it, complaining: “These people have their place in prison. It’s a hill I’m ready to die on.

On Wednesday, Chen said she was pleased with the DeSantis camp’s action against the venue after the governor’s spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw, tweeted a National Review article about the R House under fire.

Chen reveled in the fact that the bar could lose its liquor license and possibly close its doors.

“That’s how it goes,” Chen wrote.

While some people sided with Chen and DeSantis, others were outraged that R House was vilified and felt that children shouldn’t be protected from this type of entertainment, no matter how wild.

Reaction on social media:

Andrew R, @kidcue, said it’s the parents’ responsibility to know where they take their kids.

KatRozza, @RozzaKat13, called for R House to be shut down.

User @starrfire71 called for DeSantis to be removed from his post.

Raymond Trippy, @trippy1948, thanked the governor.

@centrisblues93 took a more neutral approach: “Hey, I don’t like it when lefties try to do stuff like that and I don’t like it when Rs do it either. There are better ways to do it.

Another felt that only the performer should be penalized, not the owners.

“It’s a bit harsh,” said @phsycotater360.

“Seems very cancel culture,” posted absurd translator.

“Drag show and kids shouldn’t be in the same sentence,” said @VnSafeguard.

Another social media user, @Sigurdfelt that this bar is about in line with the rest of the sexy town in the US.

“I’ve also seen worse happen on the beaches of Miami, why isn’t the right also outraged at what children are exposed to daily in public?”

Another person, @gunhomacseems to have invented an original word: “They have just been disinfected.”

R House is primarily a restaurant that serves Latin-inspired cuisine, but its popularity among Miami locals and tourists has exploded due to its weekend brunches.

The brunches, which feature performances by several drag artists and a DJ, have become so popular that reservations are booked up weeks in advance.

On the R House website, you’re invited to join drag performers for a “truly unforgettable brunch” for $55 per person. The kids’ menu, $30, is for those under 12; they have a choice of two dishes (e.g., French toast, mini cheeseburgers, Cayenne-style fried chicken) and “of course, our fabulous show.”

This story was originally published July 28, 2022 10:58 a.m.

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