Rooftop bar in Ridgewood: Felina opens La Terrazza

Finally, it’s here.

After three and a half years, Felina, the award-winning Italian restaurant on East Ridgewood Avenue on Ridgewood Street, is opening a rooftop bar. It’s called La Terrazza.

The chic restaurant, which opened with four-star chef Anthony Bucco, had a rooftop bar planned from day one. However, it was never built. Then COVID-19 hit and the restaurant itself closed for months. Bucco left Felina in October, although he is featured in the video above. He was replaced by Flavia Amaral, who had been the executive chef of Let’s Meat Steakhouse in River Vale. Carlos Valdez, who replaced Amaral at Let’s Meat, is now the executive chef at Felina.

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The rooftop bar is set to open this weekend, featuring a rosé bar, kitchen with pizza oven and enough space for up to 85 diners.

“This is Ridgewood’s first rooftop bar,” said Scott Hooyman, General Manager. “We are very excited.”

La Terrazza’s bar, which specializes in rosé wines and frozen drinks, will be fully stocked and serve “all drinks,” Hooyman said. The kitchen will pump out pizzas and light bites, he added. Eventually, perhaps, meals will also be served on the roof.

The rooftop bar will be open from Wednesday to Sunday, as will the Felina. It’s first come, first served.

La Terrazza is at 8 Prospect St., Ridgewood; 551-276-5454,

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