River North Hush Chicago bar closed by Chicago police days after deadly mass shooting


A nightclub in River North was closed by City Hall on Tuesday after a fight outside the bar over the weekend led to a shootout in which a man was killed and three people were been injured.

An order issued by the superintendent of police. David Brown closed Hush Chicago, 311 W. Chicago Ave., considering it a “threat to public safety” after the mass shooting early Sunday.

The summary closure order named the club and owner Martini Bros Inc.

The swift action comes after the Chicago Sun-Times reported in September that most of the businesses closed by the city due to violence concerns were in low-income neighborhoods on the South Side and West Side. Despite rising violence downtown in recent years, only one business in the area had been closed under the summary closure order passed by the Chicago City Council in 2015.

Officials have gone easy on high-influence bars and businesses, including those owned by Carmen Rossi, who runs a string of restaurants and clubs, holds the liquor license for Lollapalooza and is a political contributor to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. .

A notice that reads “Business Closed by Order of the Superintendent of Police” is posted Tuesday in front of Hush Chicago, 311 W. Chicago Ave. at River North.

Two of Rossi’s bars – Joy District and Liqrbox – were not closed after shootings outside last year.

Martini Bros Inc. is run by Rossi’s colleague, Vincent Lujan. Lujan is a silent partner in The Dime, one of the bars operated by 8 Hospitality, which is owned by Rossi, according to reports from the Illinois Liquor Control Board earlier this year.

Lujan could not be reached on Tuesday.

Sunday’s shooting happened around 2:10 a.m. Security guards kicked out a group of people who then began fighting outside, police said. At least two people started shooting and a security guard returned fire.

Arsen Solaqa, 30, was punched in the chest and pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, according to police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The guard, 30, was shot in the shoulder, police said. A man and a woman, both 24, were each shot in the leg. They were all treated at Northwestern Memorial.

Two guns were recovered and 19-year-old Jimmy Silva was arrested nearby after police said he seized a gun that was dropped by the injured guard. Silva was charged with a felony weapons charge and sentenced to jail Monday on $20,000 bond.

No arrests have been announced in the shooting.

One man was killed and three people were injured in a mass shooting Sunday morning outside Hush Chicago, 311 W. Chicago Ave.

One man was killed and three people were injured in a mass shooting Sunday morning outside Hush Chicago, 311 W. Chicago Ave.

The Near North Police District where the shooting occurred has seen a sharp rise in crime this year. As of Sunday, 13 murders and 44 shootings have been reported, compared to eight murders and 42 shootings at the same time last year.

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