Play on Powersoft Dynamic Music at Matches Sports Bar

Powersoft The Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD) solution is at the heart of the versatile, user-friendly and cost-effective audio system delivering the soundtrack to Kent’s all-new sports and entertainment destination.

With Dynamic Music Distribution, Powersoft says it offers installers the ability to scale entryways and zones conveniently and efficiently with dynamic routing capabilities built into its amplification platforms. This facilitates the dynamic routing of music and other signal sources as well as control signals between different zones and through multiple amplifiers, all independent of the source location and without the need for a centralized DSP. .

Two Mezzo 604 AD – the compact four-channel 600W amplifier from Powersoft – power the entire Matches Sports Bar, Grill & Social with a capacity of 250, forming the heart of a single reception area integrating several separate audio zones and spaces. Hidden behind the counter, a single 4.3 inch wall-mounted Powersoft WM touchscreen, gives complete control of the entire DMD system, including Mezzo’s built-in dynamic routing capabilities.

“By using Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution solution, we were able to keep our design simple throughout, from project conception to delivery to the customer,” says Ashley Bond, general manager of the MADE Worldwide system designer and installer. “Then the customer is left with a powerful start-to-finish solution from a single industry-leading manufacturer, providing them with a safe and secure audio system that will really get through. “

Matches Sports Bar – located at Elwick Place in Ashford, about 95km south of London – opened in June and has been doing business since then, with its food and drink, live sports and evening entertainment on the rise. proving popular with locals and Eurostar passengers.

Jon Shephard, owner of Matches, explains that the concept of the venue is to combine “all the best bits from the bars I’ve been to throughout my life, all in one place” to create “the ultimate bar experience. sportsmen ”.

With a single four-channel Mezzo amplifier now capable of driving up to four independent audio zones, thanks to Powersoft’s new version of ArmoníaPlus 2.2 software, the DMD ecosystem was the natural fit to bring Jon’s vision to life for the place, with a “solid experience in each individual field”.

Jon explains, “For example, we have three semi-private areas for automatic beer pouring. In these areas, while customers want to be able to hear the experience, the volume still allows them to have a conversation with others around the table. We also have other semi-private areas, such as the Cozy Room and the Private Room, where guests are fully encapsulated in high quality 3D surround sound.

“In the main bar, we wanted a system where customers could really feel like they were in the stadium and watching the game live. However, once that match is over and we shoot the [TV] the sound is cut off, we want the music to be pumped – to turn it up loud and not have any loss of quality when it comes to the audio. And believe me, if you come here on a Friday and Saturday night, you will definitely experience it.

The power

The two Powersoft Mezzo amplifiers are responsible for managing the audio throughout the matches, including in the hallway and restrooms.

the British distributor of Powersoft, CUK audio, supplied MADE with the Mezzos and WM Touch, as well as the AUDAC speakers (ATEO wall speakers, CIRA ceiling speakers and BASO10 and NOBA8 subwoofers) the amplifiers feed. Its installed AV channel manager, Steve Barton, claims that several output options like those of the Mezzo 604 AD were essential for a venue like Matches, where a single amplifier is capable of driving both Lo- and Hi speakers. -Z.

“DMD was the key here,” comments Steve, “because it provides a really cost-effective and stylish way to route audio around places like this. Here, we need small amounts of energy for smaller areas, like toilets or hallways, and a large amount of energy for delivering high quality sound and pumping to create the atmosphere in the room. bar. This is where the Mezzo amplifier running the Dynamic Music Distribution system really shines.

“Powersoft amps have up to four 600W channels, with full power sharing on all channels. And the key here is that they can do low impedance and 100V line on the same amplifier, all using the built-in DSP – in a half RU space – so you can fit a hell of a lot of processing power into a very, very small space. “

Ashley adds, “One of the challenges with this project for us was to keep everything tight with a small rack installation. Because the Mezzos are so small in the rack, we were able to fit three satellite boxes and an AUX input, so we could go in and launch [sound] around in different areas and make it easy for the customer to use.

Despite its high specs, Powersoft maintains that the system is priced so competitively that recommending it to MADE for the Matches project was very straightforward. Steve says, “Dynamic Music Distribution is very easy to justify to integration partners and end users because it offers supreme flexibility while being really cost effective. When you look at, in terms of money and size, the power, processing capabilities, and content you get out of it, it’s a no-brainer. “

Jon says he’s ‘delighted with the AV system we have in matches’, which made its public debut ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020 football championship last summer. “The WM Touch system is super user-friendly – we have a control panel behind the bar, which any of our staff can log into and be able to change the audio with a few clicks. In addition, the training [from MADE] only took a minimum of time – no more than half an hour – because it’s so easy to use.

“The system is basically automated as much as possible, and that’s based on the fact that we used Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution system. This made our life easier because we know that the customer benefits from a user-friendly system.

In fact, the MADE team were so impressed with the system installed at Matches that the company is already specifying an almost identical system for several upcoming projects. “It’s because of how hard it’s played in games,” Ashley continued. “It has definitely become our go-to solution for hospitality projects – so much so that we even keep a stock of it just to have it when we need it. “

The people of Powersoft are just as important as the technical prowess of their equipment, adds Steve of CUK, who has distributed the brand in the UK since 2008..

“They have proven time and time again to be approachable, personable and flexible, which is exactly what you need in a working relationship. And it’s a rare combination to find a top manufacturer that has such fantastic people working for them.

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