Pebble Bar New York Bar and Restaurant at Rockefeller Center

Johnny Carson had his own entrance, Jack Kerouac wrote about it, and David Letterman regularly filmed here. To say this place has a history is an understatement. Today, New York City’s infamous century-old destination, Hurley’s, is reborn as a quirky new bar and restaurant called Pebble Bar.

Located in the Manhattan institution of Rockefeller Center, the new venture is co-owned by Noah Bernamoff, Julian Brizzi, Matt Kliegman, Carlos Quirarte and Matthew Charles, all proud of New York with successful F&B businesses, Pebble Bar is a New York night come to life, wrapping lush food and elegant drinks in an exclusive experience.

Executive chef Carlos Barrera, formerly of the Lobster Club, spearheads the gastronomic affair of the Pebble Bar which, in New York fashion, offers a menu to be enjoyed in large groups, as a couple or alone. The Raw Bar features local offerings with simple yet punchy flavor profiles such as oysters with an apple mignonette. Screaming old-school decadence, the bar also serves an impressive seafood tower with lobster, prawns, and other shellfish.

The Pebble Bar menu also includes sumptuous cocktails inspired by New York’s timeless club culture. Carousel, made with El Silencio Mezcal and fresh, tangy notes of pineapple and chipotle, is named after an infamous jazz club on 52nd Street, for example. Rounding out the menu are inventive bar snacks like creole mustard pretzel bites and steak tartare with truffle aioli and brioche. Among the main courses are the warm seasonal salad and a “smoked and flambéed” mackerel with a puree of green onions and ginger.

The interiors of the Pebble Bar were designed by Gachot Studios. Its vibe is shaped by dark, moody blacks and brass complemented by glass, marble, and natural light with furniture a mix of vintage and custom-made pieces by Gachot themselves. Glossy black doors and an oak paneled foyer greet guests entering the lavish four-story townhouse. In contrast, successive floors of the Pebble Bar overlook the bustling streets of 6th Avenue.

Its fourth floor, named after late-night talk show host Johnny Carson, is an exclusive event space for up to 50 guests. Complete with a bar, piano and eclectic vintage furniture, it’s another homage to quintessential New York nightlife.

Unapologetically New York City, Pebble Bar brings back a classic sophistication that will make locals feel right at home, with an eccentric and unforgettable charm that will pique the interest of travelers who flock to this iconic resort.


Pebble Bar New York Bar and Restaurant at Rockefeller Center

Pebble Bar New York Photography, Nicole Franzen / Max Flatow.

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