Osaka ‘girly bar’ manager charged with instigating teenage duels in violation of 1889 law


Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters (Mainichi/Tsuyoshi Fujita)

OSAKA – A 30-year-old man who ran a “girls’ bar” in Osaka was arrested on suspicion of inciting two teenage girls into an organized fight, which injured an employee, police said on Monday. November 17.

Osaka Prefectural Police’s Tenma Police Station arrested Eiichi Ueno, an Osaka resident who effectively runs the bar located in the Kitashinchi entertainment district. On the night of August 3, on a street in the Kita district of Osaka, he allegedly told an employee and former employee of the establishment, where female workers serve drinks: “You should fight one-on-one. I will prepare a place.” Police allege that at around 12:30 p.m. on August 4, he staged a duel of teenage girls at the bar’s affiliated establishment in Kita Ward. The employee suffered injuries, including bruising to the face.

Police say the employee and others summoned the former employee, who left the bar without notice, and met her on the street. Ueno and the others took a taxi to the affiliated establishment, and the two allegedly punched each other bare-knuckled for five minutes.

A law put in place in 1889 prohibits the acts of challenging others to a duel and being present during the fight. Police did not reveal whether Ueno admitted or denied the allegations against him. Meanwhile, they interview the girls involved in the fight and the affiliated parties who were at the facility at the time.

(Japanese original by Haruno Kosaka, Osaka City News Department)

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