OpEd: Disney Springs is the perfect location for a Disney karaoke bar!


I’ll admit it: Imagineers at Walt Disney World have worked hard to bring us the most incredible entertainment and attractions imaginable. We the fans can experience unprecedented levels of immersion and we really feel there.

But there is one crowd favorite idea that seems to have been ignored over and over again. And it’s the very first Disney-sponsored Disney karaoke bar.

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From going under the sea with Ariel and dining in Beast’s Castle Grand Ballroom to stealing our own magic carpet, Disney World has given us so many ways to put ourselves in our favorite Disney characters’ shoes, but it This is one of the most important ways, if not the most important. Disney guests still don’t have an outlet where they are free to sing their favorite Disney songs as loudly and emotionally as possible.

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I think Disney fans need a suitable place on Disney World property outside of their cars where they can get on stage and own their favorite Disney banger, and the perfect place to put it would be the experience. NBA at Disney Springs.

The princess and the Frog
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Replace the NBA experience with the Disney Karaoke Bar

The old DisneyQuest building already offers the perfect setup for a multi-level experience. Level 1 can be “Kids Only” (similar to a Disney Cruise Line Kids Club). Levels 2 and 3 can be reserved exclusively for families, and level 4 can be reserved for anyone 21 and over. Currently, the NBA experience only uses two levels, but DisneyQuest had five. So there seems to be a lot of room.

NBA experience
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When Disney World opened the NBA Experience, they made it an additional experience, just like DisneyQuest. They could do the same for that karaoke experience, and I would say it will be significantly more profitable than the NBA experience. For example, anyone who visits Disney World must almost have at least some taste for Disney movies and their songs. Having a fondness for basketball, on the other hand, not so much. Personally, I would rather pay extra to broadcast my own version of “Friend Like Me” or shame all the other couples by singing “A Whole New World” with my girlfriend than pay for basketball drills. .

Imagine a paid, reservation-only experience where you can finally enjoy your moment in the spotlight singing your favorite Disney song with the official lyrics and official instrumental music from Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ned Washington, and so many others. Add a few drinks and maybe a few entrees to cover dinner and end the evening. I can not not seeing such an offer run out almost immediately every night for weeks.

Obviously, even if Walt Disney Imagineering decided to build such a place, a Disney karaoke bar might not open for some time. There are already so many construction projects currently in the works and Disney still has to deal with the restrictions surrounding the ongoing pandemic. And then they should incorporate some rules to improve the audience experience, such as putting on at least two different songs in the lineup, separating two girls who are both dying to sing “When My Life Will Begin -she?” of Tangled, and each room, with the exception of the kids’ club, has a limit of 10 singers per night with regard to Frozen songs like “Let it Go” and “Show Yourself”.

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That being said, in my opinion, this tiered karaoke bar might be the most magical place on the Disney property, and it doesn’t need fancy simulation technology to do it. It could just be a fun, safe place for a guest to take the stage and step into their favorite prince, princess, animal, villain, or demigod for a song or two. And it is a pity that such a place does not already exist today.

Do you think there should be a Disney Karaoke Bar at Walt Disney World? If so, where do you think it should go? Let us know in the comments!

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