New trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Melissa Fumero’s comedy Bar Fight!


We have the exclusive UK trailer for Brooklyn nine-nine the new comedy from star Melissa Fumero Bar fight!which will hit digital platforms later this month.

The new film sees Fumero play Nina who, after breaking up with Allen (Luka Jones), finds herself embroiled in a turf war with her ex over their favorite bar to assert dominance post-breakup.

With the help of her best friend Chelsea (Crazy ex-girlfriendby Rachel Bloom), Nina duels Allen in a winning competition filled with games that get crazier as the drinks start flowing.

Check out the UK trailer for Bar fight! below:

Brooklyn nine-nine fans might find the storyline familiar as it resembles the season six episode “A Tale of Two Bandits”.

Where Bar fight! is about a couple, this episode saw Holt and the team take on the FDNY in a drink to claim Shaw’s Bar for themselves. They succeeded, but will Nina de Fumero succeed this time around?

Written and directed by Jim Mahoney, Bar fight! also stars Vik Sahay, Dot-Marie Jones and Caroline Harris. It will be released on digital platforms in the UK via Signature Entertainment on November 14.

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Exclusive entertainment

Fumero will be back on our screens this week in Netflix’s new comedy Blockbusterwhere she plays one of the employees of the last operating Blockbuster Video store alongside Randall Park and JB Smoove.

Next Brooklyn nine-ninelast year, Fumero shared a moving tribute to the show saying she was “really proud of what we’ve done.”

“I think back to when we started, how everyone did such a big part of the show with two African Americans and two Latinas in the cast and how it’s normal now, which is amazing,” a- she noted.

Bar fight! was released on digital platforms in the UK on November 14.

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