New karaoke bar in Norwich approved

11:38 am May 28, 2022

Partygoers will soon sing along to Sweet Caroline, Dancing Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody after plans for a new karaoke bar in Norwich were approved.

Norwich City Council has given the green light to a bid to open a restaurant and bar with karaoke rooms on the upper floors in a former Chinese restaurant on Prince of Wales Road.

But applicants have been given more details of what steps to prevent it becoming a noise nuisance to neighbours, including exclusive private Norfolk Club members, will be needed before work can begin.

Plans have been approved for a karaoke bar in the former Vanity venue on Prince of Wales Road
– Credit: Google

It comes after concerns were raised over similar developments in nightlife.

In September, approval was also given for a new nightclub to replace the old Liquid, which closed a decade ago, despite 18 neighbors objecting to a new roof terrace arguing it would make the problems worse. noise from late night places.

Approval for the karaoke bar states that no amplification equipment can be moved unless pre-approved.

In their written approval of the application, council planning officers add: ‘No development is to take place until details of sound insulation measures to prevent the transmission of noise from the building to neighbors and to the Norfolk Club at the rear have not been submitted to the local planning authority and approved in writing.

The approval also states that the venue cannot open after 3 a.m.

The property located at 16 Prince of Wales Road is currently vacant and will be operated by a new owner.

It used to be a series of Chinese and Japanese restaurants and more recently a Korean barbecue bar and restaurant called Vanity.

Lesley Grahame.  Photo: Archant Library

Thorpe Hamlet Councilor Lesley Grahame
– Credit: Archant

In 2018, a club license offer for the premises was rejected.

The plans, which show a proposed location name of X Party, state: “The proposal will have no negative impact on neighboring properties and the proposal would encourage business growth in the downtown area.”

The new venue will add to the supply of nightlife venues amid calls from ward councilors for the street to be regenerated to provide multi-use facilities.

Lesley Grahame, Borough Councilor for Thorpe Hamlet, said: “This is the story of two streets: the people who live there and the visitors, day and night, the thrill seekers in the street and the sleepless nights for the people who live there.”

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