New bar to explore in South Park

SAN DIEGO – Stranded in an alien world, surrounded by strange plants and the smoldering wreckage of your ship, you and your crew must band together to survive, forging new life on unfamiliar ground.

San Diego is getting an inventive new bar concept next month at Mothership, a tavern that tells a story with its immersive environment and menu.

Located on 30th Street at the north end of South Park, the bar has a three-week soft opening starting August 2. It comes from the mind behind Kindred, another personality-packed South Park establishment known for its vegan food, cocktails and heavy fare. metal soundtrack.

In a phone interview with FOX 5 this week, owner Kory Stetina shared his vision for the galactic gastropub, which draws inspiration from everything from Alien to 2001: A Space Odyssey and the first season of Star Trek.

A host will warn visitors to let their eyes adjust for a moment when they enter the room. Then they’ll go through a cave entrance and find what looks like the command center of a crashed spaceship. It has been turned into a bar.

“The world kind of stretches out behind you into an open night sky and rock formations, and curious plant life, strange music and sounds,” Stetina said, describing the colorful surroundings as if the viewer were slowly spinning. in a circle, soaking everything in .

Hosts may need to allow some time for this, before each guest opts for walk-in seating at the bar or at their reserved table.

The environment tells the story of the ship’s crew, creating a small base camp in this tropical desert, serving food and drink inspired by their new surroundings.

“They will immediately feel like they have stepped into the backstory that surrounds the whole experience,” Stetina said of visitors. “They are part of this colony with us.”

Stetina says there are “layers upon layers” of detail in the world – stuff that will reward repeat visits to piece together more of the story. It doesn’t go as far as immersive theater: the servers aren’t in character, or anything like that. But the environment is full of rich details that serve the narrative.

The designers combined the elements of different man-made vegetation to create “more than a dozen types of unique plant species,” Stetina said. It is as if a mother plant were spreading its tendrils throughout space.

Major design credit goes to Ignacio “Notch” Gonzalez, the mind behind some inventive spaces elsewhere in the United States, including the nautical Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco.

The Mothership’s 17-drink menu offers classic tiki cocktails with a cosmic twist and a five-course plant-based comfort food menu with a twist on the sixth.

The dishes are dubbed “Earth food” – the galactic version of regional cuisine. Drinks are rated by their alcohol content on a scale ranging from “cruising speed” to “ridiculous speed” (a nod to “Spaceballs”, for the uninitiated).

Stetina said the soundtrack is another unique feature: an original score that is “important to help you feel transported”. It fuses vintage synthesizer, “almost tribal percussion” and other influences.

Reservations at Mothership will open online shortly before the start of soft opening on August 2. Customers can book a 90-minute experience. The bar side will remain open to people without an appointment, depending on the space available.

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