Mountain Bar & Bistro restaurant for sale to pay for pub fire

Anyone looking for a restaurant with an infamous location, here’s one you can probably get a good deal on. The Mountain Bar & Bistro restaurant in Sattahip, Chon Buri, owned by and adjacent to the Mountain B nightclub which burned down earlier this month on August 5 with 20 fatalities, is up for sale.

On Friday, local media spotted a sign for sale outside the restaurant, owned by Sia B, originally thought to be the owner of Mountain B nightclub, although it was later revealed that her father, Sia Yot. The 27-year-old son was arrested and later released on bail before investigations revealed it was in fact his 55-year-old father who was the real owner of the convicted and illegally operating club, who was also on bail.

The Mountain Bar & Bistro Restaurant sits directly across from Mountain B Nightclub, or rather, past the burnt shell of what remains of Mountain B. The restaurant was suddenly closed and auctioned off for sale, with the 60s restaurant employees are already getting the bad news of the closure.

Rumor has it that the rapid closure and sale signs are a result of the owner’s need to quickly raise funds to compensate the growing number of victims of the tragic fire, deaths and injuries that have been blamed on the soundproofing foam and tires on the ceiling. and a roof to mask noise as well as cheap flammable furniture and two of the three locked and blocked exits.

The death toll started at 13, with dozens of hospitalizations and has now risen to 20, with 20 still in hospital. As of yesterday, nine of these patients are still struggling, requiring the use of ventilators. The owners have pledged to compensate all victims and their families after being outraged at the little they received from the government.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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