MLB labor deal ends lockdown, Fort Myers sports bar reacts

FORT MYERS, Fla. — At Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill in Fort Myers, fans of America’s favorite pastime rejoiced.

With the owner relishing in the good news for the local economy.

“Hopefully the return of baseball will give us a little boost, especially with Century Link just a few miles from our home,” says Matt McMann, owner of Sidelines.

That potential boost coming from a lockout that’s now over, Day 99 – salvaging a 162-game season that begins April 7 and requiring players to report for spring training this Sunday.

The agreement gives hope for good news in more ways than one.

“Everything we’re going through with Covid, Omicron, Delta and all those things we’ve been through…we need something good to happen to our community,” says patron Samuel Davis.

“I think we’ve turned the corner with the Covid and all that stuff and we can’t wait to get the baseball season going full steam ahead,” McMann adds.

Full steam ahead towards days of sharing the love of sport in sunny Southwest Florida.

“We’ll get to see a couple of spring games here and people can go eat popcorn and enjoy it. We need it for our community, we really need it. It will boost morale and bring things back. It’s a good thing,” says Davis.

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