Metafront raises the bar in virtual reality gaming, with an all-new immersive Play-to-Earn video game, backed by the powerful Metafront token

New Tripple A play-to-earn game is an ultra-realistic metaverse game about space travel and exploring the uncharted

Metafront is redefining the standards for quality entertainment in the VR gaming industry, with its new immersive, Web 3.0 powered, winnable video game.

The blockchain company has developed a vast, ultra-realistic metaverse video game about space travel and exploring the uncharted, intended to disrupt the blockchain industry.

According to Metafront, blockchain technology is the new global frontier with unlimited possibilities. As such, the company began developing the new game two years ago and quickly hooked it up to the blockchain, with multiple servers spread across the globe.

“Although our system is much the same as in previous multiplayer games, most are decentralized and located on servers around the world. There are several copies of the server on several continents and this allows for a very small delay, which is very important in a game of this type.

Armed with an incredible blockchain engine that delivers top-notch VR graphics, along with other exciting never-before-seen features, the deeply immersive world of Metafront transports players on an epic adventure through the unknown universe.

Through the use of VR headsets, players will navigate multiple galaxies to discover habitable replicas of Earth, where they can establish new civilizations, conquer new lands, find artifacts, and also become leaders of their clans.

Bringing together highly established gaming and cryptocurrency companies, which have jointly invested over $200 million in game development, Metafront expects to achieve great results as a reality gaming platform. fastest growing virtual, with fascinating crypto-utilities.

Players will rely on the Metafront token to purchase rare game features and bonuses sold as NFTs in the metaverse. The ICO presale of the Metafront token was launched a few days ago, and the company has revealed that crypto enthusiasts who miss acquiring the coin during this time will still be able to get their hands on the Metafront token once it is released. real. the sale is launched on Binance.

As a community-driven project, Metafront has reserved 70% of the token for distribution to its community, leaving only 5% for its team and another 5% for advisors and partners.

The company also announced a special VR headset promotion that will give every investor who invests a certain amount the chance to win a free pair of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

With 121 patents to their name and 24 more pending approval, the Metafront development team revealed that they have partnered with NASA to make space exploration on the game as realistic as possible. Users who demonstrate exceptional navigational skills will have the opportunity to perform certain tasks for NASA and thereby gain additional experience and knowledge.

Anyone interested in learning more about this revolutionary blockchain-based video game can contact Metafront via the contact details below.

Media Contact
Company Name: cold iron studios
Contact: Marc Massoni
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 01 5566-2345
Country: United States

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