Messy icon Robert Pattinson played Kanye’s music at Pete Davidson’s bar

In an extremely disordered energy, Robert Pattinson apparently played Kanye Westmusic on a loop at a secret party in pete davidson‘s bar.

Page Six reports that R-Patz hosted a secret party after the official premiere after party. The Batman Tuesday. It took place at Davidson’s new Pebble Bar in New York.

the Saturday Night Live the comedian owns a share of the room with some of your other white boy favorites, including Nicholas Brown (Cousin Greg of Succession) and Jason Sudekis (Ted Lasso).

Sources who reportedly attended the celebrity cheeky soiree claimed that West’s tunes played non-stop.

Robert, son of a bitch.

“I’ve heard a lot about Kanye,” the source told Page Six.

“Not many people knew about this party, but most of the music played was Kanye.”

Apparently the tracklist included “Gold Digger” and “Fade” and more. The source further claimed that Davidson hosted the party but was unable to attend because “he was stuck on set.”

I wonder if he accepted the playlist? Especially after West was depicted killing and burying him in a music video.

Davidson was ‘honoured’ that the first party at the Pebble Bar was for The Batman first, the source added.

Oh, and all the stars were there too. Robert Pattinson was joined by his co-star Zoe Kravitz and her himbo skater boyfriend Channing Tatum. Other celebrities included Jason Momoa, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle (Yes and Gossip Girl fashion boy Evan Mock.

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In other news, Kim Kardashian is now considered legally celibate and can officially file West on her behalf.

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