Liquor license records show West Hollywood’s newest gay bar is about to open

Dolly Shine arrives at the former Gym Sportsbar space

By Susan Payne

A new West Hollywood gay bar by the name Dolly Shine will soon be opening at 8737 Santa Monica Blvd., the former home of Gym Sportsbar.

If municipal, health and other inspections allow it, the bar could open as soon as two weeks, according to the WeHo Times.

Although not attached to the name, owner Jay Krymis, who also owns Fubar on the east side of Santa Monica Boulevard, told WeHo Times there is an inspection to be done, and he hopes to welcome friends and family. before having a Soft Open, then eventually, a Wide Open.

“This new space is going to be a cool and fun neighborhood bar,” he told WeHo Times. “It’s going to be a gay, gay, gay cool bar. I want it to be a laid back, super fun bar. It won’t be sporty or dirty, which I love about Fubar, but a great cocktail at an affordable price… I want to make it look like it’s been there for a long time and make it comfortable.

Under the Alcoholic Beverage Control License (ABC), the bar is not permitted to operate in the following manner:

  • No amusement machine or video game device in or on the premises at any time.
  • No billiards, snooker or table games of any kind are permitted in or on the premises.
  • The applicant should not charge an admission or cover change fee, or require the purchase of a minimum number of beverages.
  • No amplified music or other entertainment permitted in or on the premises at any time.

Dolly Shine received her liquor license transfer on July 13.

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