Krista Allen’s first role was “Shelley in Bikini Bar” in “The Bold and the Beautiful”


Krista Allen has toured the neighborhood as an actress. When she arrived in Hollywood, she was not very interested in a career in the limelight, but she tried it just for fun.

A first role on which she landed Love glory and beauty changed her mind about being an actress and sent her on a different path. Now she’s back on the same set but in a very different role.

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“Shelly at the Bikini Bar”

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Allen shared that when she came to Los Angeles she wasn’t looking for a career but for adventure. However, she met someone in the business and she seemed to land her first acting job almost on a whim.

She appeared on Love glory and beauty as a character who is only described as “Shelly in Bikini Bar”, and according to her, she was not very well prepared for the role.

“I was already such an amazing actress that I kept looking straight at the camera,” she explained. “I didn’t know what a brand was. I didn’t know any of this.

The role was not intended to be her big breakthrough since it was only supposed to last two episodes. But appearing in the daytime drama changed things for Allen. As an introvert and struggling with social anxiety, she found that taking on a persona made it easier for her to interact with other people.

She decided to continue acting seriously. On the advice of his manager, Allen took an acting course and actively began to work. His career took off quickly.

An eclectic career

Allen’s decision to go all-in on the action soon came to fruition. According to IMDb, she first landed small roles on big shows such as Married with children and Friends. She got her first lead role in a movie called Emmanuelle: first contact. The sassy franchise (there were two Emmanuelle films) starred Allen as Emmanuelle, a woman who takes in intergalactic explorers to teach them about human sexuality.

Of course, not all of his acting credits are about love in space. She also worked her way up to major roles in big movies, such as Anger management, liar, liar, and Confessions of a dangerous mind. In 2015, she starred in significant mother, a comedy on CW. She also performs as a stand-up comedian. But recently, his busy career has brought him full circle.

Back to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Along the way, Allen has been passionate about learning how difficult life experiences affect people.

“So I went back to school and started studying neuroscience and epigenetics, and I started to really understand how trauma affects the body,” she said. It was at this time that the opportunity arose to return to a setting from his past.

Love glory and beauty needed an actor to play Taylor Hayes, Ridge Forrester’s longtime love interest. Because of what Allen was studying, the fact that Taylor was a psychiatrist intrigued her. The List reports that in December 2021, Allen took over the role from Taylor. The character had been played by Hunter Tylo since 1990, all the time Taylor existed on Love glory and beauty.

Naturally, viewers have been watching closely to see if Allen is capable of filling Tylo’s considerable shoes. Whether it was because of her early on-set practice as “Shelly in Bikini Bar” or simply because of her acting skills, Allen seems to have adapted easily to the role.

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