Koh Tao bar raided for offering laughing gas balloons


A bar named DIZABAR on Koh Tao island in the southern province of Surat Thani was raided on Saturday night after police discovered the establishment was offering laughing gas balloons to revelers at 100 baht a pop. Officers also discovered that the bar did not have a business license.

Officers have revealed that nitrous oxide is a popular new drug among partygoers in Thailand. A number of bars and entertainment venues offer gasoline to customers via a balloon. After inhaling the gas from the balloon, a person becomes more relaxed, which makes them happier and encourages laughter.

The bar manager, 38, Kriangkrai Sermpon, was arrested after police found evidence including alcohol purchase receipts, laughing gas balloons and a bottle of nitrous oxide.

The manager faces three charges:

  • Violating Section 24 of the Places of Entertainment Act by operating an unlicensed place of entertainment carries a penalty of up to one year, a fine of up to 60,000 baht, or both.
  • Violation of Sections 20 and 46 of the Liquor Act by selling liquor for a limited legal period results in a 50 baht fine and five-year license suspension.
  • Violation of Section 28 of the Pharmaceutical Professions Act by selling a drug (nitrous oxide) without a license carries a penalty of up to three years, a fine of up to 30,000 baht, or the of them

The owner of the bar was not mentioned in the police report.

Nitrous oxide is known to have a fatal effect on its users. The gas was once commonly used in the medical profession, particularly in the dental sector, before a local anesthetic was introduced into the profession. The gas is mainly used in agriculture as fertilizer and for making whipped cream.

According to an online report by MGR, the gas can cause hallucinations and cerebral hypoxia that can lead to a heart attack.

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