Kiva Confections created a weed-infused bagel bar

As a general flavor, any bagel doesn’t really have a moment as long as it’s delicious and always welcome. It has spread from the beloved gold standard of a bagel to any bagel seasoning in recent years. Now he is taking the next illogical and unexpected step.

Weed edibles company Kiva Confections has teamed up with Los Angeles’ Yeastie Boys Bagels for a special release celebrating the upcoming 4/20 holiday. They created an Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies bar, which is a weed-infused chocolate bar with all the bagel seasoning.

The release is the 2022 edition of Kiva’s annual spring small-batch release of a Munchies Bar with a breakfast twist. The bar has just been distributed to dispensaries in California, and it will only be around for a little while.

The bars use Yeastie Boys’ ready-made bagel seasoning sprinkled over Kiva’s cold water hash infused dark chocolate bar. However, you probably don’t want to house it as voraciously as a bodega bagel. These Munchies bars contain 100mg of THC per bar with 5mg chunks.

You can find them at some California dispensaries for $20. Whether this variation of an all bagel is for breakfast or dinner is up to you.

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