Kamle’s song with Karan Kundrra and Akasa Singh raises the bar for romance

Actor Karan Kundrra and singer Akasa have released a new musical single titled “Kamle” which raises the bar for romantic goals.

Akasa’s latest single ‘Kamle’ is featuring Yasser Desai. The romantic track celebrates the union of two best friends and jodi ‘Kamle’, Akasa and Karan, who pledge to be for each other through thick and thin. Sony Music Entertainment India announced the release of the issue on Tuesday.

Karan, who plays the man who directs the music video, said, “This romantic track was a great collaboration with Sony Music and the best part is that it’s alongside my close friend, Akasa. We share a bond special and viewers will be able to see the chemistry we portrayed on screen. The song brought back so many memories and it was magical to shoot such a beautiful number with Akasa.

The lyrics are written by Seema Saini and the moving composition by Shantanu Dutta beautifully expresses the emotion of being in love and celebrating love.

Speaking about the song’s launch, Akasa mentions, “Celebrating all things love, I’m thrilled to finally see my single Kamle released. It’s a song that’s really close to my heart, and the feeling for me is very special because I not only sang the track but also featured in the video with one of my closest friends, Karan Kundrra.

She added, “Our friendship is the inspiration behind the couple’s bond in the video. Being on set with him felt less like work, and more like two friends hanging out and having fun. I’m thrilled to see a such fan response to the song even before it was released. Everyone seems to like our looks and chemistry together. I really hope they like Kamle and dedicate this track to their partner.

The track features the vocals of Akasa and Yasser Desai, whose beautiful duo breathes life into the song.

Singer Yasser adds, “‘Kamle’ is not just a love song, it also represents the emotions and feelings involved in a wedding ceremony for any family. It was a great experience to be part of this melodious track and, I hope the listeners will enjoy this song.”

The music video is produced by The Good Guns Motion Pictures and directed by Ashwin Mani. Adding to the fun and frolic in the shaadi choreography and the hook step adds more glitter to this sparkling video. The video encapsulates the heartfelt moments between the bride (Akasa) and the groom (Karan) whose relationship is built on a solid foundation of friendship.

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