K Han Ye-Seul actress admits BF worked at the karaoke bar but not as a male escort



Actress Han Ye-Seul and her boyfriend (Instagram)

Korean actress Han Ye-Seul, 39, whose dramatic credits include “Spy Myung-wol,” “Tazza,” and “Will It Snow for Christmas? Admitted her new boyfriend worked at a karaoke bar but denied becoming a male escort there.

Han Ye-sul has been bombarded with questions regarding the personal history of her 29-year-old boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae, a former stage actor whom she met at a karaoke bar, since she uploaded their photos to Instagram on May 13th.

“His previous occupation was a theater actor and he had worked in karaoke before. You might think that the reception bars and karaoke are the same but I believe in karaoke everything is done in the air. free, ”she posted on Instagram, according to the Korea JoongAng Daily.

She added: “I met him a few years ago in a place that I visited with my acquaintances. And I fell in love with him last September, when he had already quit work.

After revealing the photo of her boyfriend, the YouTube channel Garosero Research Institute, or Hover Lab, posted a report online claiming that Ryu Sung-jae was working as a male escort at a host bar.

On June 2, Korean media Dispatch released a report in which those who knew Ryu Sung-jae revealed his past.

The report stated that Han Ye-Seul and Ryu Sung-jae met at an illegal entertainment facility.

Last year, the two met at an illegal karaoke bar in the affluent Cheongdam-dong district of Gangnam, Seoul. The karaoke bar, which cannot hire male receptionists, was registered as a regular restaurant but has since changed its signage to avoid government crackdown.

He said Ryu Sung-jae worked as a male host. While not illegal, the problem arises when developing a relationship with clients.

A source told Dispatch that Ryu Sung-jae worked more as an escort than a host in an effort to mop up clients. The source said the “hosts” are chosen by female guests.

Another source who provided a photo to Dispatch said Han Ye-Seul’s boyfriend received sponsorship such as financial support from married and divorced women.

“He met married women several times but left the place in September when he started dating Han Ye-Seul,” the source said.

According to another source, Han Ye-Seul tried to debut her boyfriend as an actor and in the process, she had a disagreement with her agency.



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