Jason Momoa carries drunk man out of bar when he refused to leave, Entertainment News

Jason Momoa carried a drunken man on his shoulder after he refused to leave a bar.

The Aquaman star channeled his superhero strength when he helped eject a guest from New York’s Bowery Hotel after the anonymous guest refused staff requests for him to return home.

In video footage obtained by RadarOnline.com, the 42-year-old actor was seen intervening in a situation where the rowdy customer refused to leave the premises after staff told him to leave.

Once it was established he wasn’t going to leave quietly, the Game of Thrones star showed his might as he picked up the uncooperative guy and led him outside to the cheers of the rest of the patrons .

In the video, a bartender is heard saying, “You have to leave,” to which the man is heard responding, “Get me out right now…do it. Do it.”

A woman in the background is heard asking for security as the man gets up to leave, but not before taking a sip of another customer’s cocktail.

However, the troublemaker returns to the bar and ends up harassing a bartender, yelling, “You have a small penis!”

Following this, hotel security told him to leave, to which he protested, saying “Don’t touch me”.

At the moment, Jason – who was standing by – took matters into his own hands and stepped in to help, leading the nightmarish customer to ask, “Who the hell are you?”

Jason – who pulled the man in for a bear hug – replies, “Do you wanna fight?”, prompting laughter from the drinkers.

The actor was in Manhattan to film his new Discovery series, On the Roam, which sees the Justice League star speak to people across the country.

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