Jake Beautyman recorded a mix at The Gallery, a bar in Ipswich

19:00 14 May 2022

Ipswich cocktail bar The Gallery has opened its doors to DJ and producer Jake Beautyman who recorded a live mix within its walls just after his debut at one of London’s nightclubs.

The young talent from Ipswich who creates a mix of house, deep house, techno, tech-house and acid house music has collaborated with radio station Above The Watering Hole and cocktail bar The Gallery, where he recorded his mix .

The 24-year-old DJ said: “The Gallery came into being as the host for this mix, because the guys from Above The Watering Hole work very closely with them. They have a lot of plans in store and I think The Gallery is the perfect place for what they’re looking to do.”

Jake Beautyman at Fabric London
– Credit: @ilabrugal

Jack Coughlan, owner of The Gallery bar, said: “I always thought it would be pretty cool if Jake wanted to use our room for his recording. Brick walls and low ceilings make the acoustics very good.

“We will collaborate again in the future. It was a good starting point. »

Bar Team, owner Jack Coughlan is first on the left

Bar Team, owner Jack Coughlan is first on the left
– Credit: Gavin King Photography

Jake added: “It was really fun recording there. I had a great time and the lighting and sound were top notch.

“There is a real atmosphere inside the listed building which exudes a warm atmosphere. They have created an intimate ambiance where everyone can feel welcome.”

To record his mix in The Gallery, the DJ came straight back from his first gig at Fabric London, one of London’s biggest electronic music nightclubs.

Jake Beautyman at Drumtalk/FreQKlash in Essex

Jake Beautyman at Drumtalk/FreQKlash in Essex
– Credit: zoltanphoto

Jake said: “Coming home to Ipswich straight from the fabric on the first train home was something I won’t forget. I literally came back, went home, got changed and headed to The Gallery to save.

“I think I definitely brought some of the club vibe from the night before into this recording. I’ve also been to The Gallery for a meal during the day as I’m not just a night owl, and I have to say was super tasty!”

The Gallery, which will celebrate its first anniversary next month, is a wine and cocktail bar that also offers plant-based dishes.

Mr Coughlan said: ‘At our bar we try to give our customers the best possible experience.


– Credit: Gavin King Photography

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