Illegal dance bar raided in Bangalore; nine arrested, 64 women rescued

CCB detectives raided a dance bar and restaurant in Gandhinagar, central Bengaluru, and rescued 64 women. Nine people, including six who ran the bar and three employees, were arrested.

Police heard that the women, initially hired as waitresses, were required to wear lewd outfits and dance in front of customers at Mood Bar and Restaurant, 5th Main, Gandhinagar. Customers were even allowed to throw banknotes at the girls.

Detectives from the Women Protection Wing, Central Crime Branch (CCB), formed a team and raided the bar on Wednesday evening.

According to the police, the bar was operating without an occupancy certificate (OC) from the competent authorities. They even employed a DJ to play music on site against the rules.

The police arrested 74 people. Of the 64 women rescued, eight are from Maharashtra and Punjab, six from Delhi, 13 from Rajasthan, three from Madhya Pradesh, two from Uttarakhand and West Bengal, five from Uttar Pradesh and 17 from Karnataka.

Police seized a music system and Rs 1.3 lakh, and registered a case at Upparpet Police Station.

Police officials have written to the BBMP to revoke the bar and restaurant license. The women were sent to a rehabilitation center, while the clients were released with a warning, police said.

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