ICE District’s New Sports Bar Has Finally Opened Its Doors And It’s Everything You’ve Been Waiting For

After multiple delays and what seems like a long, long wait, Calgary’s iconic sports bar, Home and Away, has finally made its home in Edmonton. The sports bar opened to the public yesterday. And we have to admit, this new resident of the Ice District is well worth the wait and the buzz.

TBH, we were skeptical at first given the high regard we had for the space’s former owner, Mercer Tavern, for a decade. Corn At home and away lives up to the lively vibe we’ve come to expect from the space and sports bar that sits just across from Rogers Place. From alcoholic delights and gastronomic innovations to great music and fun arcade games, there’s plenty to impress and entertain.

Let’s talk about food and drink first, because why not, huh? So the menu has all the classic comfort food you’d want in your sports bar, only with creative twists that make it better. You have your chicken wings and chicken sliders (which are great), but you also have the many versions of Tacos. And you have all the fried chicken and the OG pepperoni pizza.

Images via Home and Away

Now, you’d think that with such a chicken-heavy menu and the usual sports bar stereotype, there would be next to nothing for vegetarians here. But the bar will surprise you with the number of choices vegetarians have on the menu.

The drinks won’t disappoint either. There are wines, cans, and coolers, but you want to focus only on the 20 odd drafts here.

Then there is a mini arcade where you can enjoy some fun rounds of popular games such as basketball, shuffleboard, skeeball, foosball, bubble hockey and dollar hunter. And let’s be honest, no matter how old we are, dominating the domed hockey field is always satisfying.

Images via Home and Away

So whether you want to catch the game sipping a cold drink with your friends or indulge in a fun competition with the gang after drinking a few beers, they’ve got you covered either way.

Now imagine doing all of this to crazy, upbeat music!

Long story short, the place is AF lit. Definitely something you want to try for your next outing with your team.

Home and Away Edmonton

Where: 10363 104 St NW, Edmonton

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