I went to the oldest bar in Miami that was in “Miami Vice” and it still had the show decor

The iconic show miami vice was filmed in a Miami bar that is not only still open today, but also has unique decorations from when the show was filmed.

Mac’s Club Deuce, located at 222 14th St., Miami Beach, FL 33139, is considered the oldest bar in town in Florida, so of course I stopped in to see the historic entertainment building in town.

It’s basically the stereotype of the diving scene. There’s a pool table, people can smoke cigarettes inside, and it’s lined with these bright neon lights…but before you judge, these lights have become a movie staple.

Neon lights added to set up for ‘Miami Vice’ to film.Jenna Kelley | Narcity

The bartender told me that the interior decor was originally put up for the show and they never took it down, adding to its rich Magic City history.

That’s not where it stops either. Anthony Bourdain stopped at the smoky dive and recorded a Anthony Bourdain: part unknown episode aired in December 2014.

It was established in 1926, but owner Mac Klein took over in 1946, naming the bar after himself.

The entrance to Mac's Club Deuce.The entrance to Mac’s Club Deuce.Jenna Kelley| Narcity

If you’re looking for affordability in a fairly expensive city center, this dive bar has relatively inexpensive drinks.

The bar is open daily and offers a happy hour from 8am to 5pm which the property considers “legendary”.

Being the old school place that it is, it only accepts cash. The vintage essentials really make a splash when you walk in and see the Budweiser lamp lighting up the pool table.

Mac's Club Deuce pool table.Mac’s Club Deuce pool table.Jenna Kelley | Narcity

In the heart of Miami Beach, the place has helped shape its history by helping put the popular neighborhood on the map.

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