Hotel seeks permission to open bar and restaurant in Lahinch

A POPULAR hotel in Lahinch has applied for planning permission for a new bar and restaurant.

An application has been made to Clare County Council, seeking permission to alter the Lahinch Coast Hotel.

Blue Chip Investments Limited made the request, and an accompanying letter states: ‘The site in question is located in Lahinch town centre, with the premises formerly used as a nightclub which was part of the Lahinch Coast Hotel.

“Despite its prime location in the city centre, the premises have sat vacant for over a decade, negatively impacting the vibrancy, viability and economy of the wider city centre.”

It says the development would include “the demolition of part of the north front of the buildings to allow the provision of an outdoor dining area and other changes to elevation, including an ancillary awning, service facilities/ factory at roof level and window changes”.

He said the bar/restaurant layout was designed by Paul Haffey Design, whose previous projects include the Ashe Hotel and Restaurant in Tralee, the Taphouse Bar Restaurant in Limerick and the Tradehouse Bar/Restaurant in Ballincollig.

In Clare, they designed the ground floor of the 2019 renovations to Lahinch Coast Hotel and Gallaghers Bar & Restaurant in Bunratty.

The letter claimed there would be significant benefits for Lahinch.

“The proposed redevelopment of the existing premises will result in the provision of a new contemporary bar/restaurant in Lahinch, serving locals and tourists with an attractive outlet for eating and socialising.

“The bar/restaurant will help create local employment opportunities in the hospitality sector, which is a positive investment in the local economy and hospitality industry.

“It should be noted that there is a shortage of food and drink outlets in Lahinch, particularly at the busier times of the year when the town benefits from an increase in the number of tourists visiting the many area attractions.

“The proposed development will help fill this shortfall and bring a long-term vacant commercial property back into active use.”

He claimed the development will operate more discreetly than the last bar/nightclub on the site before.

The application indicates that the development would create ten full-time jobs, with 15 to 20 part-time seasonal positions.

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