Haworth bar said to close earlier on weekends due to complaints about late night noise


A HAWORTH bar will have to close an hour earlier on the weekend after a licensing committee heard from local residents about the problems caused by the business.

Treehouse Bar and Kitchen opened in the spring on Oak Street – in the former premises of Chaplains Bistro.

The Bradford Council Licensing Committee yesterday conducted a license review of the bar, following complaints that it had resulted in late night noise and disruption for people living near the bar. bar.

After hearing from residents and operators of the popular enterprise, members decided to vote in favor of a proposal by environmental health officials that the bar should close at 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, rather than midnight.

Among the complaints that residents sent to council were that noise from punters in the bar kept them awake at night, that patrons would park on narrow Oak Street when they visited, and that there was had an increase in waste and anti-social behavior since the bar opened.

Speaking on behalf of opponents, Daniel Sands said: “Since opening it has become a horrible place to live. There has been a massive increase in traffic.”

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He said the outdoor seating area, located in the company’s parking lot, was the source of much of the noise.

The problems started soon after the bar opened and got worse on the weekends.

Other opponents said taxis would make regular trips to narrow Oak Street to drop off and pick up patrons – despite the bar suggesting that all patrons use the nearby Gas Street parking lot.

The panel learned that the Treehouse Bar has a capacity of around 400 people and is currently licensed to open until 11 p.m. on weekdays and until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Although an environmental health visit earlier this month found no serious violation of the permit, officers suggested that due to numerous reports of late-night noise, the bar be ordered to close earlier. .

Ben Comstive, who runs the bar, told the panel that customers are welcome to enter at 10 p.m. and staff have done what they can to reduce noise.

He said if the outdoor seating area had remained a parking lot, it would have caused more problems due to traffic entering and exiting the site via Oak Street. Everyone who made a reservation at the bar was given a map guiding them to the Gas Street parking lot.

But he acknowledged that some customers still park on Oak Street.

He hit back at claims that the bar primarily catered to a young crowd, pointing out that during the day, three generations often visit the restaurant to eat.

He added: “Since we opened we’ve done everything we can to keep the noise under control. It would be unfair to deprive us of an extra hour of trading. It’s a successful operation that sees people from the whole area come on Haworth, you’d take us away for an hour if we didn’t do anything wrong.

Mr Comstive said they would support some measures suggested by environmental health officials, but were against the suggestion that the bar closed an hour earlier.

Frank Stott, director of Treehouse Bars Ltd, said he felt the objections were a “personal witch hunt” on Mr Sands’ part.

Mr. Sands replied: “To say that I have a personal vendetta is ridiculous.

“To say that a place of more than 400 people without parking on a residential street will not cause problems is incredible.”

After a two-hour debate on the issue, panel members voted to propose the closing time on Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m.

Representatives of the bar were informed that they could appeal the decision to the courts.

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