Harare coach shoots man in head during bar row


A senior Harare city official shot a man in the head in a row of drunken bars, a court heard Monday.

Duty manager Leonard Dahwa, 54, was denied bail by Harare Magistrate Taura Manuwere after being charged with attempted murder. He was taken into custody until October 12.

The National Prosecuting Authority says Dahwa and victim Wellington Mavaza, 28, were drinking beer at Nyangani nightclub in Warren Park 1 on September 21 when Mavaza had a misunderstanding with the lady at the bar.

Dahwa, the court heard, stepped in to support the bar lady, which led to a harsh exchange of words with Mavaza.

Dahwa reportedly temporarily left the bar and drove to his Mitsubishi Colt where he collected his licensed FN Browning pistol.

He returned and “fired three rounds at Mavaza”. A bullet went through the back of Mavaza’s head and exited through the cheek.

After the shooting, Dahwa got into his vehicle and drove off, the court heard.

Investigators later recovered the weapon used in the shooting.

Prosecutors opposed bail, arguing that Dahwa was a flight risk. The court heard he had tried to flee when detectives went to arrest him.

Mavaza is said to be in critical condition in hospital.

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